Our Mission

"Fire Family Foundation responds with compassion when tragedy affects firefighters and fire victims."

History and Vision

Fire Family Foundation was created and came into existence in 2008, serving California.  The drive to create this Foundation emanated from the dark days of 9-11 when we lost over 300 New York City firefighters, along with the loss of a number of LA City Firefighters over the years, as they valiantly attempted to save lives and property.  The impact of 9-11 and the loss of these courageous heroes profoundly impacted their families, the rest of the firefighter community and the broader community-at-large.  Firefighters First Credit Union had always been the “go to” location for the fire family to donate on behalf of fire personnel who were injured or died related to their service; 9-11 was different.  The Credit Union assertively created a fund for the firefighters’ families within hours of the towers falling, and then reached out to the community to let them know about the fund.  The outpouring from members, as well as firefighter families across the state and the community at large was enormous.  Millions of dollars were donated to the Credit Union to support the firefighter families in New York; those donated funds were given to the New York Fire Department (NYFD) Widows and Orphans fund, knowing that a lasting impact was made.


This effort resulted in the vision to establish a nonprofit foundation focused on serving the firefighting community and the community as a whole.


The Credit Union Board of Directors agreed to establish Fire Family Foundation.  The broad and stated major goals are:

1.     Provide financial assistance to firefighters and their families.

2.     Provide financial assistance to fire victims.

3.     Provide financial assistance to fire departments.

4.     Provide assistance to charities that are impacted by fire.

We truly believe that by coming together as a “Fire Family” we can assist our firefighters and their families throughout the state of California.

Board of Directors


A Nonprofit Corporation



Dixie Abramian



Harry Crusberg
Retired Firefighter



Tom Daly



Cindy Iwamoto



Severyn Aszkenazy
Retired Firefighter

Isaac Burks
Retired LAFD

Michael Dumas
Retired Fire Inspector

Gerald Horwedel
Retired Fire Captain

Dee Kuchler

Aaron Straussner

Marv Williams
Retired Fire Captain

How We Help

The Fire Family Foundation provides direct and immediate emergency assistance to firefighters, their families and victims of fire-related tragedies throughout the State of California. We offer financial help for needs such as:

• Temporary shelter
• Living expenses
• Funeral expenses
• Miscellaneous expenses

Discover how we have helped others

Ways to Give

Your contribution to Fire Family Foundation goes directly to those who need it most: displaced families, the firefighter in a personal crisis, those who have lost a home, …we are here for everyone who has experienced a devastating and life-changing tragic event.

As part of our donor family, you are bringing relief and comfort to those affected by devastating circumstances. The Fire Family Foundation helps you give to those who have given so much to others.

Donate Now 

The Fire Family Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. All contributions are tax deductible.

Apply For Help

If you live within the State of California and, because of a tragic experience, are in need of financial assistance, please call us at (888) 533-3448 (5-FFF-GIVE). We will discuss your situation and offer ways we can support you and your family.

Fire Family Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, the charitable hand of Firefighters First Credit Union.

If you are using a screen reader or other auxiliary aid and are having problems using this website, please call 800-231-1626 for assistance. Also, all products, services and information available on this website are also available at our physical location (815 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041), where we would be happy to assist you further.