Kevin Krainock

Kevin Krainock

My cancer story: Kevin Krainock

Like most other 32 year old males, I was very healthy and enjoying life as a newly married man with 3 wonderful kids. I had just landed my dream job with North County Fire Protection District and things looked bright. During training, I had an episode where I felt lightheaded, and my training Captain noticed something off. I started to follow up with my Doctor when the episode happened again on a Christmas Eve call. Later that shift, I was brought to a local hospital by my crew as a patient. Testing began and after a CT scan and MRI, a mass was found in my brain. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, requiring resection, radiation and chemotherapy. I had a successful surgery performed to remove as much of the tumor as safely possible. The rest will be treated with radiation and chemotherapy, both of which I start soon.

Due to my condition and side effects, I am unable to work and provide for my family. My wife who is a nurse, just recently started work again, after moving to the San Diego area with me in November and searching for jobs. She is our sole income and money is very tight, with my medical bills stacking up. I continue to fight my disease and my prognosis is good, per my Doctors.

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